Thursday, April 7, 2011

How Will Amtrak Be Impacted By A Government Shutdown?

With all of the news floating around about the potential for a federal government shutdown, a question came to mind. How will Amtrak be impacted by a government shutdown?

Although Amtrak receives significant government subsidies, the expectation based on a brief article in the USA Today is that the system will continue to operate as normal with ticket revenue providing adequate operating cash flow for a short period of time.

Good news for commuters who want to get to work, but you may want to share this information selectively if you plan on using the shutdown as an excuse to "work" from home.

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  1. The article said Amtrak receives a $1.6B federal subsidy but in the short term can get by on ticket revenues. And even though the Surfliner won't shut down immediately , based on our experience this will somehow make the train late. Hopefully the beer supply is not impacted.