Saturday, March 19, 2011

Amtrak Surfliner Goes Green

The Surfliner cafe car is very small. It holds 4 tables and seats 11 people. The rest of the space is occupied by the food storage/selling area and the humongous ADA compliant restroom. Between the restroom and the first table sits a cardboard trash container. This thing is bulky and gets in the way of people and things.

Recently Amtrak decided to add a second bulky container specifically for recycling. Note the care taken to provide special slots for bottles (e.g. Arrogant Bastard), cans, newspapers and magazines. We guessed the concept was to keep item types  separate and minimize the sorting process for the recycler. That's why we were surprised, after lifting the lid, to find that this is the same old big giant box with no separate compartments.This is so silly it had to be done by committee. Reminds me of another classic invention.


  1. I love it when they don't put out the recycle bin and someone asks the LSA what to do with their bottle/can. Their response is typically "just put it in the trash and we will sort it out in the yard.". yeah, right... Like we believe that actually happens...

  2. Actually, the coach cleaner in Grand Rapids, MI, actually goes through the trash to grab the recyclables. I doubt it happens elsewhere but hey, you can't say it never happens ;)