Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What Were They Thinking?

Change isn't always good, and Amtrak recently instituted a couple of major changes to its Pacific Surfliner service that will have nothing but a negative impact to the commuters using its service.

The first and most publicized change is the new "express" train service from San Diego to Los Angeles. The second train (563) north out of San Diego each morning will now be an express train skipping several of the previous stops along the route. It will no longer serve San Juan, Santa Ana, or Fullerton. This will save an entire 15 minutes from SD to LA. That assumes the train is on time, which it never is...

Second, and most resentful, they are changing the menu in the Sea View Cafe. This is more than your standard increase in prices, they are cutting out two items critical to the well being of several of the "regular" commuters. No longer will they serve Courvoisier (sure to force a certain regular onto the Metrolink), nor will they carry the best food served on the rails. Posted below is a picture of the last JalapeƱo Burger. Shortly after this picture was taken it was cut into 4th's and shared with a tear in the eye...

The last Jalapeno Burger


  1. dang, I didn't get a chance to try this yet!!

  2. Too bad as it was great! The group downstairs is looking into the distributor to see if we can get some shipped direct to us now!

  3. WHERE IS MY F#cking Courvoisier - I have been told it is comming back to the Seaview cafe stock - I am waiting, but until then I will have to rely on other methods., (undisclosed 5th ammendment stuff, on need to know basis. And if your an Amtrak employeee, all you need to know is get it back ASAP) And another thing, why is it illegal for comuuters to smoke on the paltform but not Amtrak empoyees to smoke. and WTF are the tobbaco police and why are they on AMTRAK. ok I feel better for now. Tunein in 30 min when i post some more. or not.

  4. I think if you can spell Courvoisier you deserve to have it.This is worthy of some follow-up stories...